Partial Side Laterals

How To Do Partial Side Laterals

Though similar to the standard dumbbell side lateral raise, partial side laterals are an alternative movement that isolates the lateral head of the deltoid muscle….



How to be more confident

How to Be More Confident at Work in 21 Steps

In the nearly ten years since Sheryl Sandberg released Lean In, there’s been a lot of conversations about how to be more confident in the workplace. However, many employees still struggle with negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, and nagging fears of rejection. Faith in oneself comes from an inner strength developed through positive reinforcement, discipline, and…

Mindfulness Quotes

45 Mindfulness Quotes to Quieten Mind Chatter

If you’re someone who struggles to live in the present moment and your mind is constantly in a different place, usually stuck in the past or future, these 45 mindfulness quotes will help you experience life through a different lens than you otherwise have been. The beauty of mindfulness is that it increases your awareness…

Daily Affirmations

60 Daily Affirmations Everyone Should Use

We human beings are here to enjoy life and make the most of it; yet, sadly, many live the opposite way: Forever worrying about the next thing, a continuous train of thoughts, instantly thinking of worst-case scenarios, and generally struggling to think positively. If you fall into this bracket, then fear not – daily affirmations…

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