“Your consistency determines your results”

Hi, welcome to LiveLift.Life!

My name is Chris, and I live in America with my wife and daughter.

This blog focuses on health, fitness, productivity, mindset, and life, covering various topics to help people reach their goals and level up their lives in many ways.

I am proud to have my writing featured on popular websites such as Wealth of Geeks and Savoteur, which together are attracting an audience of well over 1 million each month.

I fell in love with health and fitness from being a young boy. Still, it stepped up in my 20s when I realized a healthy, focused, driven mindset is just as important as having a healthy body, so I also became passionate about improving in those areas.

I was always on the chubbier side and never understood the importance of nutrition and its impact on the body.

I started reading countless books on nutrition and exercise, and I finally learned how crucial it is to have a healthy, mobile, functioning body that can perform optimally.

I realized it is key to living a blissful life.

I’m always learning, which I love about my blog. I get to pass on the knowledge I have gained to inspire others.

So if you struggle with diet, exercise, being productive, or want some life hacks – then stick around and read my articles.

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